Capital Raising Advisory

Capital Raising Advisory

Advisory to alternative investment funds. Introduction to investors (HNWI, UHNWI, Family Offices, Private Banks).

With a growing number of investment funds targeting the same investors, a capital raising strategy is paramount to the success of alternative investment funds. We advise and introduce investors to alternative investment funds (Hedge funds, Private Equity funds, etc.).

Our Solution

For asset managers who realize that capital raising is not their major specialty or who do not have a proven capital raising strategy. We offer a preliminary extensive and comprehensive assessment of their capital raising strategy leading to a step-by-step framework to implement tools, techniques and methods that will translate into tangible results.

Every single asset manager has a marketing message to deliver to the global pool of prospective investors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those message sound exactly the same. Effective marketing collaterals are central tools to help investment managers raise capital.

For asset managers who are ready to pitch their investment opportunity to new prospective investors. We have developed an innovative online platform, that provides asset managers with the opportunity to introduce each other to prospective investors.

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