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The financial world is changing fast. Financial Advisors, Family Officers, Wealth Managers can’t do everything by themselves.

We are generating interesting investment ideas and we make them look simple for your clients so that you can thrive.

  • Diversify your source of income
  • Stay up to date to the latest investment trends
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Regularly receive investment ideas

Access vetted investment opportunities

Investors expect fresh investment ideas

Financial advisors, family offices or wealth managers have little time to identify new diversification ideas for their clients. Benefit from our rigorous selection process so that you can grow in a meaningful way.

For each investment opportunity on Investae Pro, you will get 4 coaching sessions, facilitating and smoothing the sales process:

  • Understanding the market
  • Practicing the pitch
  • Practicing objections and tricky questions
  • Role-play simulations

Marketing tools to help you grow faster

Every marketing tools you will ever need

Investors are busy. Investors don’t reply. Investors don’t always understand. In an overcrowded financial world, it is becoming harder to get investors’ attention.
Our marketing tools will help you reassure investors and remove indecisiveness.

  • Marketing materials to help you reassure any prospect
  • Marketing materials to help prospect make the right choice
  • Ready-to-send video explainers to get any prospect interested
  • Ready-to-send emails to attract new prospects

Overcome any sales or marketing challenge

Sales and marketing best practices

Financial professionals are facing diverse marketing and sales challenges: dealing with fearful or skeptical prospects, dealing with less financially educated prospects, getting prospects to say yes, attracting new potential clients, following-up with prospects.

  • Improve your skills
  • Get access to our online library of 400 videos
  • Get access to dedicated case studies
  • Get access 24/7 from anywhere

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  1. Analysis of the investment
  2. Videos ready to be sent to your prospective investors
  3. Emails ready to be sent to your prospective investors
  4. News and articles to support your case
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  1. Marketing tools to help your reach clients
  2. Ongoing coaching
  3. Innovative diversification ideas
  4. Learning center accessible 24/7
  5. Ready-to-use emails to be sent to prospects
  6. High quality animated videos
  7. More time to spend with your clients

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