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What is due diligence?

Due diligence is an investigation, audit or review performed to confirm the facts of the investment opportunity under consideration.

Investae Due diligence process

  • 01

    Initial screening

    Initial screening consists of identifying investment opportunities which are aligned with our investors’ expectations and preferences.

  • 02

    Investment analysis

    This means comparing the yield with the market, assessing how this particular investment is better or worse than others and how worth it is to invest in.

  • 03

    Portfolio intelligence

    We will answer the question of how this investment opportunity can be a fit to investors’ portfolios and what it brings to investors’ asset allocations.

  • 06

    Risk mitigation policy

    We will assess how the investment opportunity is protecting investors’ interests. We will identify risk factors and how the company is mitigating these risks, as well as evaluate different scenarios under which the investment may reach its objective.

  • 05

    External Credit rating

    Credit rating reliability is set by rating agencies, evaluating a variety of factors. When available, we will review the credit rating.

  • 04

    General analysis

    We will confirm basic facts, such as period of existence, organizational and legal forms, legal address, paid-up capital, and so on.

  • 07

    Financial analysis

    We will review the financial analysis performed by auditors.

  • 08

    Legal opinion

    Whenever necessary, we will request a legal opinion from a law firm. A law firm may, for example, examine the structure of the investment and issue a legal opinion that describes whether the transaction is legally structured, and which types of investors may purchase it.

  • 09

    Meeting with firm management

    We will organize a face-to-face / online meeting with the firm‘s management.

  • 10

    Periodical monitoring

    We will constantly be monitoring the investment offer through news, reports, market ratios and return expectations. If necessary, rebalancing may be suggested.

How do we select opportunities?

Investae attaches utmost importance to the realization of due diligence. Our primary objective when performing due diligence is to answer four basic questions:

  • What are the expected investment return characteristics?
  • What is the investment risk profile?
  • Are the investment managers skilled at doing their job?
  • Do we believe the transaction is fair for both parties?
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