Uncovering value in the era of inflation

Investae is an independent debt advisory boutique delivering secured and superior outcomes for private businesses and investors.

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We help entrepreneurs with a unique savoir-faire secured debt for their growth, acquisitions and refinancing. We have access to a network of 450+ family offices, private banks, wealth management companies and high-net worth individuals.


Access to a network of investors

We pride ourselves to have developed strong relationships with investors all around the globe.

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Investor Appetite Tool

When looking to raise capital for debt, you must navigate an uncertain market: market pricing considerations, debt terms, investment attractiveness, optimal loan types.

Investor Appetite Tool helps you figure out the best possible terms for you and your investors.

Why choose us?

  • Investors’ education is our top priority

  • We work with secured

  • We provide innovative diversification ideas

  • We have a unique capital raising tool in the market

  • We are proud to serve family offices, wealth management and private banks in more than 15 jurisdictions