Capital raising made easy for any financial firm

The online platform that provides your sales team with guidance, marketing tools, and ongoing support to help you reach the next level of capital raising.

In an overcrowded marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get investors’ attention. Investae is the first platform of its kind that helps you make the capital raising process easier and faster.

What would it take to improve your sales team’s performance?

Marketing tools to speed up investors’ decision processes and encourage them to commit.

Roadmap to success to smooth and facilitate the sales process.

Training sessions to help sales teams master the investment offer.

Ongoing support to help them overcome investors’ objections.

Regular feedback to keep motivation high.

Performance review to illustrate to you the accomplishments of each sales team member.

Access to new financial professionals who can sell the offer.

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Investae is the All-in-One place for selling investments.​


Action Step Center

Every sales team needs guidance in the form of a structured sales process. This step-by-step navigation tool defines steps and milestones from prospecting to following-up, ensures the team consistency across their processes and gives them a huge advantage over those who wing it.

Cheat Page

The cheat page is a one-page document that gathers and summarizes all the essential information your sales team needs to know about your offer.


Learning Center

Our comprehensive learning center encompasses sales and marketing best practices helping to reach more prospects, build long-term relationships and sell more.

Ongoing support

Preparation Sessions

We offer sales and pitching preparation to clarify the goals of financial professionals, deal with potential stumbling blocks, and improve their performance with practical solutions.

Topics include:

Objection Center

There is no magic formula to turning a prospective investor’s “no” into a “yes”. However, knowing how to recognize and overcome objections is the most effective route to increase your chances of your prospective investor saying “yes”. We create and animate a dedicated forum where each member of your sales team can add the objections they have been faced with and get the response to them, as well as learn how to respond to other possible objections.

Monthly One-On-One Session

Our professionals hold monthly individualized sessions with each user of the platform, where they provide insights about capital raising, define the goal of each sales team member, cope with challenges they have faced, and answer all questions. This will help handle any situation, keep selling motivation high and deal with prospects with renewed confidence.

Marketing tools

You will be provided with educational tools, prospection tools, as well as follow-up tools.
Each piece of marketing material is fully customizable so you can adapt it to your needs and include your logos and branding.

Prospecting tools

10 slides

A 10-slide presentation for face-to-face meetings


A one-page visual illustration of the investment offer

One page

A one-page summary of the investment offer

Cheat page

A one-page summary of everything distributors need to know before distributing an offerr

Email introducing the opportunity

An email with a presentation of the investment offer to get prospects interested

Video Explainer

A short animated video presentation of the opportunity to create curiosity

Follow-Up tools

Ready-to-use webinar

Instructions for how to organize and conduct the presentation of the offer

Top 10 reasons

A one-page summary of the Top 10 reasons why prospects should invest

Email to convince the indecisive

The second email that supports the first one to remove investors’ doubts

Email to answer objections

The third email to give a reason to invest that prospects simply can’t refuse

Email calling upon action

The last email helps to push prospective investors into action

Insights video

A 5-minute video interview of the main team members to reassure investors

Regular synthetic news

Summaries of news articles related to the investment offer

Educational tools

Comparison table

A one-page visual to highlight the quality of the offer

Worst-case scenario

A one-page document considering the worst possible investment outcomes

Educational white paper

A visualized glossary of key terms

Overview of the industry

A document that will give more insight into the industry of the investment opportunity

FAQ video

An animated video in the form of questions & answers to remove investors’ doubts

White Label Platform

You can get your dedicated and white labelled platform that will assist your own sales team to sell your own products.

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As allocations of investors grow, alternative investments play an increasingly critical role in portfolios. Investae is a boutique investment firm specialized in alternative investment. We strive to bring to family offices, placement agents, financial advisors, wealth advisors, best-in-class ideas for the portfolio of their clients.


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